Crown Fire Systems Design is Located in Columbus, Ohio and was established in 2012 

Serving the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky area sprinkler contractors with the most cost effective design service available.

As a contractor you have a lot of things to deal with! Let Crown Fire handle your design needs so you have less to worry about.

crown fire system design

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Utilizing one of the premier systems design CAD programs available, Crown Fire Systems Design is able to create piping systems that include hydraulic design and stock-listing if desired.

Crown Fire uses MEP Cad AutoSprink software to provide our designs. We have been impressed with their product support, software development and technical development. We believe this software allows us to provide the most complete system designs to our clients. 

Why Crown Design?

During many years of working in the contracting side of the business, it was always a problem when the company contracted for design services. While the drawings produced were capable of obtaining a plan review stamp, they were not accurate enough to fabricate or install from.
Without more precious time being expended on-site to spot pipe and make corrections to the fabrication sheets, fitters were forced to re-cut large amounts of pipe to accomplish the installation. It's a necessary part of the creative system design process to create a workable system and one that we take seriously. Here's how we do it:

  • Start by consulting with our clients design manager, project manager and if possible the project salesman to determine a comprehensive design scope.
  • Review all contract documents including shop drawings, specifications and addenda to make sure the design scope will conform with the intent of the contract documents. We will even consult with the project consulting engineer if necessary after obtaining approval from our client to do so.  
  • Use the our CAD software to create a 3-D piping system that conforms with the system design parameters. 
  • If requested, Crown is able to provide hydraulic design, system stock-listing and alarm systems interface information. 
  • If  required, Crown will work with the local AHJ to obtain plan approval. 
  • Create project plans based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies